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John Taglieri

Here are some of the clients that Dawg Pound Studios has worked with:


Kerry Drexler
Fiona Sand

Check out the latest release by John Taglieri, 'Days Like These'. The EP was a collaborative effort with Dawg Pound and two other studios. 

Check out Kerry Drexler's 'Live From The Studio Lounge, Edited and mastered at Dawg Pound Studios.

Check out the Fiona Sand EP. Edited and Mastered at Dawg Pound Studios.

Good Morning Chester

Check out the Good Morning Chester CD 'Little Things' recorded, mixed and produced entirely at Dawg Pound Studios.

David Honigsberg
Good Morning Chester

Check out the late David Honigbergs 'The Pattern" recorded, produced and mixed entirely at Dawg Pound Studios.

No More Shotz

No More Shotz is a local MA Cover Duo who put on amazingly fun, high energy shows! Their demo was recorded and mixed at Dawg Pound Studios.

The Joneses

Check out the Joneses. They were in the studio cutting tracks for their upcoming release. 

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