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Dawg Pound Studios is a 300 square foot studio located in Hanson, MA. Sponsored by Auralex, PreSonus & MXL, the studio was built from scratch to the exact specs of producer John Taglieri with the help of an acoustic engineer. The room was tuned with the help of Auralex who designed the acoustical treatment. With a 20'x10' live room and a 10'x10' control room, the sound quality is top notch.


The studio has produced over 17 CDs, including a Top 30 & a Top 75 Billboard New Artist Album Charting CD, two Top 10 releases on and a Number One single on, a Top Seller on iTunes as well as an 'EP Of The Year' winner. 


The studio has also done commerical voice over work for clients such as the NJ State Fair.


With a great space, great acoustics, a talented engineer/producer, a great mix of new & vintage gear and more, Dawg Pound Studios is a great choice for your next Project.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineer

Top Notch Acoustics

Apple Mac Mini & PreSonus StudioOne Pro

We have a brand new Apple Mac Mini with fast processing and lots of ram running the stellar PreSonus StudioOne Pro DAW Software. 

Behringer XR-18Air

We have a State Of the Art Behringer XR-18Air mixer. With top-notch inboard Midas Preamps, great processing and a clean sound, our board will keep your sound true.

We have an ever growing array of Microphones including;

Audio Technica AT2020 (2)

Audio Technica ST100 (3)

Audio Technica DR-K100

Audio Technica ATM21

AKG D-112 (2)
DPS Custom K47

EV N/D257B
Gear One MK1000

GLS Audio ES-57
MXL V-63M (3)
MXL 990 (Modded)

MXL 991 Pencil Condenser Mics (2 - Matched Pair)
MXL 603S Pencil Condenser
MXL R-40 Ribbon

Realistic PZM 33-1090B

Sennheiser E835 (2)

Sennheiser E609

Shure SM57 (3)

Shure SM58 (2)

Sterling Audio ST-66 Tube Mic 

Telefunken ELAM-260 Pencil Condenser Tube Mics (2 -Matched Pair)

Telefunken M80 (2)

In Our Studio Rack We Have:

Two Furman PL-8 Power Conditioners

Audient ASP-008 8-Channel Mic Preamp
PreSonus ADL-600 Stereo Mic Preamp
Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40 8-Channel Mic Preamp

ART TPSII Tube Stereo Mic Preamp

dbx 166XL Compressor/Gate/Limiter

Behringer Multicom Quad Compressor

DOD Stereo 31-Band Equalizer

ART SLA-1 Power Amp

Event, Alesis, Sony & Sennheiser

On the deck in the control room we have a pair of Event 20/20's. Flown up high we have a pair of Alesis Monitor One's both driven by the stellar sounding ART SLA-1 power amp. Together they give mix monitoring and mixdowns fantastic sound and a fair balanced view of the mix.


In the Live Room for tracking, we have Sony and Sennheiser headphones and PreSonus HP4 units running four seperate fully controllable mixes capable of handling up to 16 pairs of headphones. Users with an iPhone or iPad can control their own mixes during sessions for complete customization.

We have a collection of vintage and new instruments & amps including:


1962 Airline Model 60-9012A
1963 Fender Bassman
1997 Marshall JTM60

2001 Fender M80 Chorus

2010 Peavy Backstage 15W
2012 Blackstar HT-1RH
2015 Hotone Nano British Invasion
2015 Hotone Nano Heart Attack

1990s Hartke B2000 2x10 Combo

Motion Sound Pro 3T Rotating Leslie Style Speaker


2002 Pearl Session Custom Maple 6-Piece Drum Kit
2016 Pearl Midtown Poplar 4-Piece Drum Kit
2010 Roland TD9-SX V-Drum Electronic Kit
Sabian XSR Cymbals
Zildjian A 'Avedis' Mastersound Cymbals

Guitars & Basses:


1964 Silvertone-Kay 1240 Archtop Acoustic
1965 Harmony H1215 Archtop Acoustic

1967 Yamaha FG-75 Red Label Acoustic
1977 Takamine F-375-S Acoustic

1978 Fender F-75 Acoustic
1978 Ovation 1615 Pacemaker 12-String Acoustic

1981 Ovation 1517 Glen Campbell Acoustic

1986 Gagliano Classical

2001 Ovation 1868 Elite Acoustic

2001 Ovation CC-65 Nylon String

2003 Big Baby Taylor

2010 Alvarez FCF-7103 (2)

2011 Ovation CC44 Acoustic



1968 Silvertone Tiesco 26875 Hollowbody
1974 Premiere Custom Les Paul

1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite

1999 Samick SCM-1G Pro Valley Arts Model

2003 Fender Squire Telecaster
2005 Epiphone Les Paul Standard

2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio

2009 Epiphone Les Paul Jr.

2010 Alvarez FCF-7103

1962 Fender Bass 6
1992 Fender Precision Bass
1997 Ibanez SR-401 5-String Bass
2013 Fender Jazz Bass


1964 Hammond M-111 Organ
1981 Kawai M1 Synth

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