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Dawg Pound Studios is a professional recording studio located in Hanson, MA, featuring the best of both

vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music Is our passion, we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.

STUDIO PRODUCTION TIME: $35 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Studio time is a reasonable $35/hr. You get use of all our vintage gear, guitars, basses, house drums, and more! Engneer included or you can bring your own to assist. Block rates & singer/songwriter specials are available. Call to chat about what we can do!

MIXING: Call for a Quote

Have a project tracked and need a great place to mix it? Want to get a different set of ears on the project? Bring your tracks to Dawg Pound Studios and we can help bing them to life!

MASTERING: $30 per song

Bring your mixed project or your raw tracks to Dawg Pound Studios and we will bring it to a whole new level. Balancing levels, sweetening  and helping your song and mix sound better and more comparable to the big leagues on and indie budget.

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